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The quantitative methods, which you adopted in studying film’s style and form, do give me lots of inspiration. Therefore, I am greatly encouraged by your research when I met with it.I agree with most of your research methods and conclusions. 2 movie market of the world in 2015, but the Grand Theory still plays the leading role in Chinese film study. Anyway, I should express my gratitude to you for your work.I am so sorry to hear that Gunars is no more and I cannot understand how this is possible. It was so great meeting him at the Cinemetrics conference last year.I loved his amused and ironic way of discussing the site, his style was so different from most of the computer experts I have encountered.

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I am leading some graduate students to found the database of Chinese film form, which I hope can be a part of the bigger database you established for researchers to compare film forms of different countries.2.As for CINEMETRICS and FACT, my students and I still have a lot to learn from you.I hope we could attend some relevant academic conferences held by your school, so that we have the opportunity to talk face to face.3.and nearly all his statistical data, except the Cinemetrics records.

Barry also submitted a number of Swedish movies, using his frame-accurate method: Sommaren med Monika: 7 ASL 23.9 submitted by Barry Salt; Gycklarnas afton: 7 ASL 15.9 submitted by Barry Salt; Skammen: 7 ASL 14.8 submitted by Barry Salt; Smultronstallet: 7 ASL 9.3 submitted by Barry Salt; Nattvardsgasterna: 7 ASL 16.5 submitted by Barry Salt; Sommarlek: 7 ASL 15.8 submitted by Barry Salt; The Salesman: 7 ASL 5 submitted by Petunia Atlasi; Artists and Models: 7 ASL 8.5 submitted by Sam Van de Sande; Love in the Afternoon: 7 ASL 17.2 submitted by Sam Van de Sande; Bad and the Beautiful, The: 7 ASL 20.3 submitted by Sam Van de Sande; Black ish S02E05: 7 ASL 38.1 submitted by mariana stolf; Pride and Prejudice: 7 ASL 8 submitted by Giovana; Toy Story: 7 ASL 3.8 submitted by Mohsen Nasrin; Blackish S02E05: 7 ASL 26.8 submitted by Mariana Stolf; Modern Family: 7 ASL 29.2 ; The middle S03E05: 7 ASL 39.4 submitted by Mariana Stolf; The Best of Everything: 7 ASL 11.6 ; Pillow Talk: 7 ASL 9.4 submitted by Sam Roggen; Vra?? re: Od staroveku po realizmus: 7 ASL 5.6 submitted by Veronika Rusn?? Yuri Tsivian A memorial dedication to Gunars Civjans, my son and co-founder of Cinemetrics, has now been added to the from page of this website, see here.

It’s a great honor for me to invite you to come to Guangzhou University and give lectures. If possible, I will apply for all related expenses from Guangzhou University.

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