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After fighting through Russian territories in a salvaged Black Hawk, the squad reach the rendezvous with Aguire, and Marlowe gives Aguire the compound, while Redford demands to know what's happening.

However, Aguire double-crossed the squad by allying with Kirilenko, his rival in the quest for the scalar weapon.

While Redford and Haggard go to find transport, with Sweetwater following, Marlowe soon finds the data storage unit and proceeds to go down the mountain during a blizzard, taking on Russian patrols, and is soon extracted by the others in Flynn's helicopter.

Despite escaping Russian soldiers, and completing what they thought was their final mission in B-company, the device is discovered to be a fake. Through many firefights with paramilitaries, they manage to save Aguire just before a Russian hauls him onto a waiting Mi-24 Hind.

Being impressed with their previous activities, Army General Braidwood assigns them to the Special Activities Division, and tasks them with delivering information to Agent Aguire, much to the disappointment of Sgt. After discovering that Aguire's findings were stolen by the Russians, Aguire requests the squad to get all his intelligence detailing the scalar weapon from a satellite.

Sweetwater and Marlowe regroup first, taking on a militia counter-attack, and they soon find the rest of the squad.

After fighting through heavily defended Russian bases, the squad find Flynn, and then race to a helicopter base on Quad Bikes.Aguire wanted revenge against the United States for what happened to his father, one of the commandos in original raid on Japan, after Marlowe revealed that the US military callously sent them to their deaths.