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23-Dec-2017 18:49

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“And lastly, know this, the Islamic State is here to stay.We’re going to fight and keep on fighting until we rule the whole world by the Sharia and this black banner of An unidentified, armed man proclaiming to be part of ISIS calls on the group’s global support network to launch attacks worldwide against those opposed to the militants’ ultraconservative, violent interpretation of Islam in a still from what appeared to be the first video from ISIS’s official Somalia affiliate, shared December 25, 2017.But ISIS is currently mounting a ferocious defense of Mosul including the use of snipers, improvised bombs, and dozens of suicide bombers.Weeks or possibly months of hard fighting lie ahead before the city is retaken.The 27-year-old suspect who injured himself and several others when he detonated a pipe bomb underground near Port Authority, the city’s busiest transportation hub, told authorities he got the idea for the plot after seeing holiday posters and became angry about U. Leading up to Christmas, ISIS and its supporters have issued numerous threats against crowds of people and popular gathering spaces, none of which were realized when the Christian holiday passed Monday.The FBI reportedly prevented a former Marine from bombing San Francisco’s famous Pier 39 in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s decision to relocate the U. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move that has sparked anger across the Middle East and beyond in support of Palestinians who also claim the holy city.S.’s most populous city prepared for its world-famous New Year’s Eve celebration. troops and five local personnel in Niger was believed to have been conducted by an ISIS-supporting group, but its direct ties to the militants have been called into question by experts.

It instructed viewers to “strike their churches in the East and the West.” It showed footage of an individual setting up a sniper rifle on a roof overlooking downtown Denver, Colorado, and scenes from New York City, where the most recent ISIS-inspired attack in the West occurred earlier this month. Though the alleged bomber hurt no one seriously except for himself, an ISIS-inspired truck attack on Manhattan’s West Side Highway killed eight on Halloween, making it the deadliest act of terror to hit the city since 9/11.

Instead of shouts of “Happy New Year,” however, after “one” came a man yelling “” (God is greater) and the sounds of violence the militant group has been notorious for causing and inspiring around the world.

A narrator then beckoned ISIS supporters to take advantage of intoxicated people and large gatherings for Christmas and New Year’s as “a new opportunity” to perpetrate death and destruction Related: NYC attack: How ISIS teaches fighters across the world to make bombs Keep up with this story and more [hell],” an unidentified, masked man told the camera while holding what appeared to be a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The jihadists have held the city since they seized it in a lightning sweep across Iraq in June 2014.

The battle signals the turning of the tide in the international war against the group, following months in which ISIS has lost control of major cities in Iraq and key sections of its territory in Syria.

As a result, residents who recently fled say the price of food has soared.

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